This program recommences in February each year

The FNQLA is very excited to extend an invitation to our practising professionals to express their interest in becoming a Mentor to the student members of the Far North Queensland Law Association commencing in February each year.

What are we aiming to achieve?

The program aims to match law students with like-minded legal professionals and provide the students with an opportunity to connect with the mentors whilst also allowing professionals to get to know our future lawyers.

The program will primarily target final year law students who are faced with the challenging transition from student to graduate lawyer. We expect that the mentor will provide the student with a realistic expectation of legal practice and draw upon your own experiences as a former law student and share those experiences with the students.

How will the program work?

Whilst we have targeted JCU students, the program could equally be available to any final year law students working in legal positions in Cairns who are studying externally.

The target mentees are students in their final year of study. Depending on how many mentors available we may also be able to service students in their penultimate year, however final year students will take priority.

Intake for the program

We anticipate that there will be two intakes for the program to coincide with the university timetable. The first intake will commence in February and the second in July. Students who finish mid-year would be allocated a position in the first intake.



What does the mentor commit to?

We recommend that as a minimum the mentor devotes three hours to the mentee for each intake.

Of course, you may wish to meet with the mentee more than this but this is the minimum expectation.

As a mentor, the student may ask you about:

  • Study techniques;
  • What skills you have used the most in your practice;
  • Whether they should continue to study after their undergraduate degrees;
  • How you chose your career path;
  • What they can get involved in as Junior members of the profession;
  • How you balance work and leisure;
  • How hard you found the transition and whether you can offer them any advice;
  • How they can network with other legal professionals; and
  • What you do if you start lacking motivation.

The program is not designed for the mentor to take on the role of a tutor but rather give the students a realistic expectation of legal practice and guidance about careers choices. The mentor will not be providing professional counselling or free legal advice and you will not be responsible for finding the student a job.

How is this going to benefit you?

As professionals who are already involved in the legal profession, we have a responsibility to support and meaningfully contribute to the future of our profession. It is essential to retention of our young lawyers and progression of our profession, that we make a solid investment in our future. For the wider Cairns legal community to benefit we need to be involved in and create initiatives that are designed to have a positive impact on our students and to curb dissatisfaction epidemics in our region.

The FNQLA Mentor Program can only succeed and grow if those who benefit from the Program choose to help with the Program. We, therefore, ask that you encourage other legal professionals to become mentors.

Expressions Of Interest (Mentor Program)

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