Mentor Program

Since its commencement in 2015, the FNQLA has proudly connected members of the legal profession within the region with university students in their final years of study, through the FNQLA Mentoring Program.

The FNQLA Mentoring Program connects law students with solicitors in the profession to provide mentee students with an introduction to the legal industry as well as tips and strategies to assist them in their studies and into their future careers within the profession. The FNQLA also encourages the mentors and student mentees to build a long and lasting relationship, not only at the commencement of the student’s career but throughout their chosen career path.

As a District Law Association in the FNQ region, the FNQLA feels that it has an obligation to take the time to educate and nurture local up and coming law students as they are the future of our profession and our Association.

The FNQLA is grateful to its members who volunteer their time to participate in the FNQLA Mentoring Program, many of whom have been involved in the Program for a number of years.

For more information please contact the FNQLA Mentoring Program Coordinator Danae Sisson